Back Chaining in Dog Training

back chaining in dog trainingBack Chaining in Dog Training: Your Ticket to Stronger Behavior and Delayed Reinforcement

Back chaining has been shown to be of value in many disciplines, including teaching of language, mechanical skills to employees, sport skills to athletes, and both simple and complex skills to autistic children, to name a few. In this session registrants will learn how to apply this valuable tool to dog training.

Speaker: Julie Flanery, BS, CPDT-KA, RFE-CI, back by very popular demand for the second webinar for us, is the owner of Wonder Dogs, in Philomath, OR. Julie has been working professionally with dogs and their owners since 1995, focusing on the needs of the dog and forming a stronger relationship through clear communication and positive reinforcement training methods. She has placed Obedience, Musical Freestyle, Rally-Obedience, Rally-FrEe and Agility titles on her dogs. She uses back chaining to successfully train her dogs as happy partners in many activities.

We will discuss:

  • What is a €œbehavior chain€
  • What is a back chain
  • Why back chaining in dog training aids in the learning process
  • How back chaining helps acceptance of delayed reinforcement without degrading criteria
  • How to apply the process of back chaining effectively
  • Practical applications: behaviors or behavior chains that can benefit from back chaining

A question and answer session will follow this dogs and animal welfare webinar that will be moderated by Giovanna Rosenlicht, DVM

When: Live online lecture is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8,2015 at 8:00-9:30pm EDT (Midnight Greenwich Mean Time)
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Service Dog Certification Training Online – Really?

Question I get at LEAST once a week:

“Do your courses for service dog training provide ADI (assistance dogs international) certification once completed?”

Actually, there is no such thing as “certification.”

In the United States, what makes a service dog legal is:

  • You, the human, have a disability and need the dog to assist you with that disability. (NOTE: the ADA laws are for humans)
  • 120 hours of documented specialized training over a period of no less than six months (NOTE: this could  still be owner-trainer documentation),
  • a video of the dog and handler passing the Public Access Test,
  • a video of the dog doing three trained tasks, in public, that mitigate the person’s disability.

SONY DSCThe first class in our Service Dog series is the foundation work, Basics.  The second class, Core Elements, goes through the skills needed, and at the end, the assignment is to make a video of the person and dog passing the Public Access Test. During these courses you will be required to document EVERYTHING in both a journal and by video. The next two classes are about training and assembling tasks.

Our Instructor’s organization is able to issue a service dog id card to dogs who have successfully completely the Core Elements course. She can do this because the last assignment is to apply for and pass the Public Access Test (PAT). You will be required to produce a video of you and your dog passing the PAT as an assignment. The Core Elements course will also require you to, as homework assignments, do the documentation of 120 hours of specialized training over a period of no less than six months. Homework in this course will also require you to hand in 3 videos of you adn your dog, in public, doing three trained tasks that mitigate the person’s disability.

In other words, when you have successfully and fully completed our program, you will be able to legally take your dog into public to assist you with your needs as you have met all of the requirements (except the requirement that the human with a disability).

Link to courses: Service Dog Trainer

Yes, this program is for anyone, beginner, novice, professional.

Dog Breeding Classes

Cash Puppy PrehabSpecial Offer. We have combined our most popular dog breeding classes and are offering these as a 3 course package at substantial savings. ALL 3 COURSES INCLUDED.

Course 1 – Breeding and Whelping Dogs
Learn how to properly breed dogs and whelp a litter of healthy puppies. This 90 minute online, ondemand course encourages and seeks to educate present and future breeders. It is not a genetics course; instead, it provides in depth information on breeding and whelping dogs. It does provide resources for breeders with downloadable charts. You will earn a Certificate of completion after you finish this course. Covered in this course:

  • Choosing breeding stock.
  • When and how to breed two dogs.
  • Taking care of the pregnant dog.
  • Preparing for whelping; whelping a litter.
  • How to deal with emergencies.
  • Post partum concerns.

Course 2 – Puppy Imprinting and Bonding
This important 8 lesson course is for anyone who has ever considered or plans to breed a litter of puppies. It demonstrates how to raise healthy, mentally and physically strong puppies by influencing their environment, handling, and attention from pre-birth to permanent home placement at 10-12 weeks of age. Students will learn a proven method of imprinting and handling puppies that affect a canine’s lifelong ability to learn, be trained, and produce a superior companion or competitor because of their exposure to stimuli from birth to 12 weeks. Covered in this course:

  • A Certificate to be able to copy and give to all your puppy buyers that you have raised the litter using the researched “Super-Dog” program.
  • How bitch care, personality, and exposure effects the quality and condition of the puppies
  • How to set up a whelping space compatible with human living
  • Physical and mental timeline development of a canine
  • Needs and handling of pups from newborn to 12 weeks
  • Imprinting techniques based on the biosensor- super dog program
  • Week by week tracking of puppy growth, including updates on handling, exercises, bitch care
  • How to set up stimulating puppy confinement systems for growing canines
  • How to successfully litter box train a puppy
  • How to wean with limited stress to bitch or puppy
  • Tips for photographing puppies
  • Record-keeping – why it is important and how to track a litter of puppies
  • Tips for marketing puppies and educating new owners

Course 3 – “Puppy’s First Twenty Weeks” – Protocol to Socializing Puppies

In this 90 minute lesson you will learn about Wonder Puppy’s “Puppy’s First Twenty Weeks” Protocol to socializing puppies. This includes all of the ingredients needed to start a puppy on the path to mental, physical, and emotional wellness. Wonder Puppy helps build confidence, encourages impulse control, and nurtures the parent-puppy relationship. Covered in this course:

  • Looking at the whole puppy to address socialization
  • How to prevent what some call “dominant” puppy behavior
  • How to set boundaries for puppies without having to resort to punishment
  • 10 essential exposure and basic skill exercises for complete socialization
  • How to prevent separation anxiety in puppies
  • How to modify puppy social interactions and play behavior
  • What goes into running a “balanced playgroup”
  • Support material for puppy parents

Cost for the 3 course package: $90

Course length: 10 lessons with quizzes interspersed.

Student Information:
Access to this course will expire in 90 days.

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Resource Guarding between Animals: Causes and Remedies

ResourceGuarding2Resource guarding between dogs – What causes fights between dogs over food, toys, etc?

How can you stop resource guarding between dogs from starting, or end it once it has begun?

This webinar will discuss competition between dogs and a few other pet species for available resources.  These resources can include: food, favored resting stations, toys, the affections/attention of people or any other thing the environment offers.   The competition comes in different forms and often escalates until animal will actually hurt or kill each other.  This webinar will also discuss strategies for preventing and resolving such competition.

Speaker: Ken McCort is one of our favorite speakers. He owns and operates “Four Paws” training center in Doylestown, Ohio.  Along with his wife, Marilyn, a veterinarian, he lives with 6 dogs, 4 cats, 7 large parrots, some finches, 2 mini horses, a donkeys and a lizard.  In his profession, Ken works with animals with behavioral concerns.  Most clients and animals are acquired by referral from veterinarians or other clients.  He has been training animals full time since 1986 and currently works with dogs, cats, birds and a few other species.

Available as a recording.

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Kids and K9s

Kids and DogsKids and Dogs

Course description: Of course you have a great dog – the kids can do anything to him! But, is tolerance the same as enjoyment? Do you know the warning signs other parents missed when their children were bitten “out of the blue?” In this interactive kids and dogs class you’ll decode dog signals, create a simple bite-prevention strategy for your family and learn easy ways to improve the relationship between your dog and child, from baby through high school. Instructor is a homeschooling mother and a professional canine behavior coach who has counseled thousands of families through real-life dog-related issues.

Course Date: On demand

Instructor: Catherine Steinke, CPDT-KA, is a professional canine behavior coach and full-time homeschooling mom. She specializes in helping parents find creative and safe ways to interact. Catherine has developed several instructional courses for adults and children who love animals, including the Sensible Pet Sitter program, a one-day course for teens who want to start their own businesses while caring for pets. Catherine resides in the lovely Willamette Valley, Oregon, with her husband, their two teen boys, two active dogs and a smart, clicker-trained bay horse.

What you can expect to learn from this course:

  • The realities and myths behind inflammatory dog-bite stories in the media
  • Common risk factors in dog-bite fatalities
  • How dogs communicate aggression, before it’s too late
  • How you can prevent a dog bite
  • An easy-to-remember acronym to assess any dog for dangerous signals
  • How to assess your own dog easily and determine areas for training
  • How to incorporate a management plan to prevent conflicts
  • Tips for training children and preparing your family to safely interact with your dog
  • Learn dog training skills to implement for the following stages of childhood development:
    • Infant
    • Toddler
    • Children 5-8
    • Children 9-12
    • Teens

There is no text necessary for this course.

Students will receive the following printable resources about kids and dogs:

o   Guide to canine body language

o   Dog assessment tool for identifying problems and goals

o   Detailed recommendations for child and dog interactions

o   Games for children and dogs to play together

o   List of resources and recommended reading included

Cost: $40.00




CEU’s available (3 for CCPDT, IAABC, and NADOI)