CCPDT CEU Approved Courses

CCPDT CEU approved coursesThe following CCPDT CEU approved courses have been approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU) with CCPDT. See note below to determine the CCPDT policies around recertification. If there are CBCC CEU’s available, the same number of CEU’s are available for CPDT.

Introduction to Canine Nutrition – 6.5 CBCC-KA CEU; 6.5 CPDT-KA CEU

Advanced Canine Nutrition – 10 CBCC-KA CEU; 5 CPDT-KA CEU

Animal Hospice: Geriatric and Special Needs Care for Animals-Spirits in Transition™ –  15 CPDT-KA CEU (9 for CBCC-KA CEU)

CPDT-KA Exam Study Course – 7 CPDT-KA CEU

Canine Anatomy and Physiology – 18 CPDT-KA CEU

Canine Cognition – 6 CBCC-KA CEU; 0 CPDT-KA CEU

Conditioning the Performance Dog – 0 CBCC-KA CEU; 12 CPDT-KA CEUs

Curing Canine Anxiety – 1.5 CEU

Different Breeds, Different Needs – 1.5 CPDT-KA CEU; 0 CBCC-KA

Dog Origin and Early History – 9 CBCC-KA CEU; 9 CPDT-KA CEU

Ethology and Canine Behaviour Lecture Series – 1.5 CEU per lecture

Ethology and Its Place in Animal Science (Erich Klinghammer, Ph.D. – 1.5 CBCC-KA

Herbal Remedies and Aromatherapy – 0 CBCC-KA CEU; 4 CPDT-KA CEU

Herding I: Building the Foundation – 0 CBCC-KA CEU; 4 CPDT-KA CEU

Herding II: Basic Skill Building – 0 CBCC-KA CEU; 6 CPDT-KA CEU

Instinct Leading to Balance and Obedience-Training Your Dog with Trust and Respect – 4 CPDT-KA CEUs

Learning Theory – 0 CBCC-KA CEU; 21 CPDT-KA CEU

Pet First Aid and CPR – 9 CPDT-KA CEU

Rally Obedience – 0 CBCC-KA, CEU; 5 CPDT-KA CEU

S.A.N.E. Solutions for Challenging Dog Behavior® – 8 CPDT-KA CEU’s

Sensible Behavior Practices for the Veterinary Professional – 8 CPDT-KA CEU’s

Solving House Training Issues (8 CPDT-KA CEUs)

Solving Separation Anxiety in Dogs (9 CPDT-KA CEUs)

Spirits in Transition: Animal Hospice Care – 15 CPDT-KA CEU; (9 CBCC-KA CEU)

Teaching Canine Scent Works – 6 CPDT-KA CEU’s

Thinking Like a Trainer, Part I – 1.5 CPDT CEUs

Understanding Canine Behaviour – 15  CPDT-KA CEU; (8 CBCC-KA CEU)

Understanding Dog Play and Interactions – 4.5 CPDT-KA CEU

Understanding Dog-Dog and Dog-Human Communication – 5 CPDT_KA CEU

Working with Shelter or Rescue Dogs: When Love Isn’t Enough – 3 CPDT-KA CEU

NOTE; As per the CCPDT Recertifying requirements at under “About Us” – “Public Policies” – “Recertification” – “Recertification Requirements” –
Calculating CEUs
If a course has been granted 4 CBCC-KA CEUs, 2 CPDT-KA CEUs and 1 CPDT-KSA CEU the following CEU’s would be earned toward recertification:

  • CBCC-KA would earn a total of 4 CEUs towards CBCC-KA recertification;
  • CPDT-KA would earn 7 CEU’s towards CPDT-KA recertification (4 CBCC-KA, 2 CPDT-KA and 1 CPDT-KSA);
  • CPDT-KSA would earn 6 CEU’s towards the CPDT-KA portion of their recertification (4 CBCC-KA and 2 CPDT-KA) and 1 CEU towards their KSA portion of the recertification. If that certificant had already obtained sufficient CPDT-KSA CEUs, the CPDT-KSA CEU would be applied toward the CPDT-KA requirement;
  • CBCC-KA/CPDT-KA(KSA) would earn 4 CEUs towards their CBCC-KA recertification and 3 towards their CPDT-KA(KSA) recertification.