Tissue Mineral Analysis – Why, How, When, What

old malinoisNow Available as Recording-Tissue Mineral Analysis in Animals

SPEAKER: Dr. Ava Frick, DVM, CAC

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this tissue mineral analysis, 4 lecture/webinar series, is to educate doctors, animal practitioners, nutritionists, and interested persons about tissue mineral analysis testing (TMA).  TMA uses, in animals, a fur sample to extrapolate mineral and toxic metal levels, which correlate those same entities in other body tissue.  Learning about this valuable tool will expand your understanding of how to correct system and endocrine deviancies early in life before they become a “disease” or “condition.”   Once this knowledge is implemented into your particular interest of animal care you will greatly expand your success and their wellness, maintaining a higher level of health throughout the animals extended longevity.


  • Students will learn the history and research regarding tissue mineral analysis (TMA) testing.  Understanding the background of this diagnostic aid will help to give you the confidence in implementing it into your animal practice.
  • Emphasis will be on interpretation of test results, vitamin and minerals to assist in changing the suboptimal patterns, and case examples that you will be able to use as templates for future test results.

This webinar is designed for:
LEVEL 1:  Veterinarians, other doctors, nutritionists and nutritional consultants, health care providers, supplement and nutritional company representatives.
LEVEL 2:  Pet owners who want to help their animals by understanding what is available so that they can encourage their veterinarians to implement this tool.  NOTE:  Some of the information may be a little technical depending on the individual’s education level, but overall the general synopsis will be an eye opening experience and further their purpose in finding better health options for their pets.

WHEN: Available as a recording of 4 sessions.



  • History of tissue mineral analysis (TMA) testing
  • Research validating tissue mineral analysis testing
  • The benefits of using TMA for diagnostic and therapeutic support
  • How to interpret the report and integrate it into balancing the endocrine and autonomic nervous system
  • What support minerals and vitamins can be used to improve the patient’s metabolic status and associated behavioral attitudes
  • Diet and recommendations as it relates to the oxidation rate
  • Toxic metal effects and what to do with them

COST:  $295 for the 4 Webinars/Lectures

CEUs: CCPDT, IAABC, and NADOI Available

Student Information:
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