Horse Care Basics for Pet-Sitters and Enthusiasts

Horse Care BasicsHorse Care Basics

Purpose: To educate the pet sitter on horse care basics and to familiarize them with horse terminology and body language.

Course Info: This course focuses on day-to-day horse care basics and maintenance. Included is horse handling, feeding (grain, hay), watering, taking temperature, checking pulse, walking a horse, turn outs, stall mucking, what to look for in a healthy horse, and identifying a sick horse.

Prerequisites: Ability to ride and handle a horse is recommended.

Successful completion of this course will result in a Certificate for your Pet-Sitting Portfolio. You will have to pass 6 quizzes with at least 80% correct. You will be required to write an informal report highlighting your experience with horses. If you have no experience with horses, you will be required to “get some” to pass this course. You MUST have hands on experience with horses to be able to say you can care for someone elses’ horse.

Instructor: “Mustang” Sally Kazanis

Course Length: 6 sessions

What you can expect to learn from this Course:

  • Understanding basic horse care
  • Simple terminology
  • Identifying the parts of a horse
  • Haltering, walking and releasing a horse
  • Importance of safety
  • Grooming
  • Stall mucking
  • Identifying a Healthy vs sick horse

Cost: $95.00

Student Information: Access to this course will expire in 3 months. Therefore, you have 3 months to complete this course from the date of registration. Download Flash Player for free. 98% of computers worldwide already have Flash. You must also read and agree to the E-Training for Dogs, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions prior to taking a course: Click HERE to read these. You will be asked when you register if you have read them and will not be allowed to take the course if you do not agree to the terms.