Weight Gain in Dogs and Obesity in Dogs: Free Dog Diet Recipe

weight gain in dogsWeight Gain in Dogs

Do you worry about or have a dog who suffers from too much weight gain or obesity? I have a free dog diet recipe just for Liking us on Facebook.


My 13 1/2 year old dog , Mazzy, was a great bird dog in her day. She could cover a field with the harshest cover (thick grasses and such) all day long, and then do it the next day over and over…for hours. When she reached about 11-12 years old, she started slowing down with arthritis, sore old joint injuries, etc. Just like the rest of us. With the slowing down came weight gain. Always “an easy keeper” (I swear that dog could maintain weight on eating dirt) she became obese. I couldn’t exercise it off of her so I started cutting down on her food giving her small amounts twice a day. She was so hungry. I knew that I would be hungry if all I ate was so small amount of food, no matter how laced with “everything I needed” it was. Some of these GREAT dog foods, recommend such a small serving, as they are so “good” …. but the problem is the dog is still hungry after eating it’s one slight cup. Of course! Who wouldn’t be?!

So I started making her dog food with fresh ingredients. It is about 3 hours of my time once a month, but the weight came off, and some of her health problems such as intermittent UTI, high blood pressure, stopped.

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