Imprinting and Handling Puppies Birth to 10 Weeks

Learn how to establish lifelong canine habits  by  imprinting, handling, and understanding time table developments in Puppies in this recorded webinar with Speaker: Sue Anne Wilson.   Every breeder has a serious responsibility to  each puppy they produce, and each owner they connect with,  to provide every canine a mentally strong, healthy beginning for a long and fulfilling life.

This important webinar is for anyone who has ever considered or plans to breed a litter of puppies. It demonstrates how to raise healthy, mentally and physically strong puppies by influencing their environment, handling, and attention from pre-birth to permanent home placement at 10-12 weeks of age. Students will learn a proven method of imprinting and handling puppies that affect a canine’s lifelong ability to learn, be trained, and produce a superior companion or competitor because of their exposure to stimuli from birth to 12 weeks.

Recorded live: February 12, 2013.
Available OnDemand (recorded) now.


Cost: $25.00