Curriculum Development: The FIRST Step in Dog Training


Course Information: Whether one is teaching a class or training a dog, having a curriculum is the foundation of success.  A curriculum lays out the whole framework of the learning process by setting out objectives and the required skills, knowledge and competencies required by those objectives. It also includes outcomes as well as a way for the instructor/trainer to analyze both the overall training environment as well as the effectiveness of the actual training process. Finally, a curriculum provides the learners with information about what is expected from them and how their progress towards the objectives will be evaluated.

Course Length:  One 60 minute lesson

Expectations: Attendance to the lesson; multiple-choice final exam; homework for this course will consist of the development of a course curriculum (the curriculum can be for a group class or for an individual training program).

Instructor: Jan Gribble, MA, NADOI

Course Objectives: For students to understand the importance of using curriculum in developing any training courses and to be able to demonstrate the development of curriculum specific to their courses, behavioral modification programs or individual training programs.

  1. Overview – Curriculum Development Process
    1. Four Component Parts of Curriculum Development
  2. Planning
    1. Identifying Key Issues
    2. Identifying Target Audience
    3. Assessing Needs and Issues
  3. Course Design
    1. Articulating a training philosophy
    2. Defining course or training objectives (goals)
    3. Create course content
    4. Developing and sequencing course or training objectives
    5. Identifying resource materials to assist with program implementation
    6. Developing and/or identifying assessment items and instruments to measure student progress
  4. Implementing
    1. Putting program into practice
  5. Evaluating
    1. Updating the program
    2. Determining the success of the program

 Course Fee: $40.00



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