Understanding the Dynamics of Dog Play and Interaction

S12_PawRaisePurpose:  To provide the student with an understanding of appropriate dog behavior and dog interaction. This course is particularly relevant for people with multiple dog households, dog walkers, pet-sitters, rescues, shelter workers and dog daycare workers.

Course Information: This course uses many videos of dogs interacting appropriately and inappropriate with each other. The student will learn when it is necessary to interrupt or not interrupt dog play or other dog-dog interactions.

Dogs interact for a variety of reasons but the most important reason of all is to learn how to communicate effectively. They must interact to learn the proper dog skills to help them avoid conflict in any situation. Misunderstanding dog interaction is the worst thing you can do when supervising a dog day care. By not understanding appropriate behavior, you are likely to interrupt dogs far too often and that can lead to frustrated dogs.

Pre-requisites: Students MUST take the following course FIRST:

 Understanding Dog-Dog and Dog-Human Communication – Be Safe, Be Responsible-Understanding Dog-Dog and Dog-Human Communication

What the student can expect to experience during this course:

  • When and how to interrupt dog play or interactions
  • How to safely introduce dogs to each other
  • The four different types of play.
  • When supervising or evaluating dogs for dog daycare, it is important that you understand what a dog’s personality is made up of. A dog’s personality is made up of six different attributes. You can modify a dog’s personality by improving on each individual attribute:
    1. Temperament
    2. Play Type
    3. Dog Language Skill
    4. Social skills
    5. Confidence
    6. Problem Solving Skill
  • Disagreements:  When supervising dogs interacting you will run across problems between dogs. This course will help you to identify disagreements and how to deal with them.
  • Mounting:  You will also encounter mounting. Mounting seems to be a real problem for humans, but it is a necessary evil for dogs. This course goes over the three reasons for mounting and when you should or should not interrupt.

Instructor: Nikki Ivey

Course Length:  Three (3) sessions.

Course Fee –

For Credit: $155.00 (OnDemand)

For Audit: $80.00 (OnDemand)

CEU’s Available:

Student Information:

For Credit: Access to the “For Credit” course will expire in 3 months.
For Audit: Access to the “For Audit” course will expire in 1 month.

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