Teaching Canine Scent Work

Course Title: Teaching Canine Scent Work

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of how dogs learn and function.

Purpose: To provide the basic tools, concepts, and skills to successfully run a canine scent work class, up to and including pairing scent. Students will also learn how to work their own dogs as part of the process.

Course Date: This course runs 6 weeks.

Student Testimonials:  ”Thank you Cheryl, The class was well structured and taught. Shelly’s presentations were both interesting and clear. I look forward to taking more e-training courses. Sheri”

“Hi Cheryl, Thanks! It was a great class and Shelly was phenomenal instructor! She made the learning process easy and fun – and all of her comments were supportive without being critical! Gina”

What you can expect to learn from this Course:

  • Basic physiology of the canine nose and how “hunting” effects the canine body
  • Basic physics of air flow and how it helps dogs determine the location of source
  • General terminology used in Canine Scent Work (nose work)
  • Reading the dog’s “tells”
  • How to build drive
  • Structure of classes
  • Pairing  odor
  • Beyond the classroom

Text and required supplies: There are no textbooks required for this course as your lesson notes will make up your handbook. Students will need access to a video camera for submission of practicals. It can be a handy cam, flip cam, or even simply the video on your phone, provided it can run at least 5 minutes of recording.

Where to get scent and nose work supplies?
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Instructor: Shelly Volsche, CPDT-KA, DipCFN

Course Length: 6 one-hour sessions


Course Cost – 

For Credit: $185.00


For Audit: $85.00


Student Information:

For Credit students must complete this course in 3 months.
For Audit students must complete this course in 6 weeks.

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You must also read and agree to the E-Training for Dogs, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions prior to taking a course: Click HERE to read these. You will be asked when you register if you have read them and will not be allowed to take the course if you do not agree to the terms.