The 6 Week Dog Group Class for Trainers

How to develop and teach a 6 week dog group class for Trainers…in 7 weeks.

Purpose: To teach beginning or novice group dog trainers a formatted dog group class experience that can be adapted for indoor and outdoor environments.

Course Information: The Six Week Group Class For Trainers course is designed to outline a specific progression for teaching group dog training clients the basic skill set their dogs need to learn before any advanced training — therapy, service, sports, other. The format can be followed exactly or adapted by more experienced trainers.

There are 7 lessons in this course. Each lesson has a quiz and a homework assignment. You will be expected to complete all of the assignments. Some of the homework will be video homework (i.e., you will video your assignment and send the video over the internet to be graded). You will take the lessons at your own speed but must complete the course within 6 months of registration.  This course can be completed 100% online. Successful completion will result in a Certificate.

Prerequisites: Basic Dog Training Experience Helpful. Clicker Training experience a bonus.

Text and Equipment:
The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom Coursebook for Groups (included in course);

Toolkit (not included) consisting of clicker, no-pull harness, Har-Vest, martingale collar, and euroleash.
A Better Pet, LLC has created the entire kit at a discount Kit – 6 Week Group Dog Class. Should you already have parts of this kit, you will have an opportunity to purchase items ala carte. If you wish to purchase the entire kit, please email to receive free shipping prior to purchasing online (Free to United States addresses only. International shipping requires a shipping fee).
NOTE: Access to Lesson Two will not be provided until you have the required tools.
Optional: Cable tether with a clip on both sides, recommended, but not required.

What you can expect to learn from this course:

  • A structured and formatted program designed to help beginning and novice Dog Trainers learn how to run an effective and useful group dog training class.
  • Methods taught are positive, non-force based and holistic, all intended to help prospective clients develop responsive and  favorable relationships with their dogs.

CEU Status:

Instructor: Rachel Friedman MSW LISW

Course Length:  Seven 90 minute sessions

Course Cost: $525.00


Payment Plan: $180 per month for 3 months. Access to Part 3 (Lessons 5, 6, and 7) will not be available until the total amount is paid in full ($540).

Student Information:

Access to this course will expire in 6 months. Therefore, you have 6 months to complete this course from the date of registration.

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You must also read and agree to the E-Training for Dogs, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions prior to taking a course: Click HERE to read these. You will be asked when you register if you have read them and will not be allowed to take the course if you do not agree to the terms.