How to Build the Perfect Puppy: Quick – Puppies UN-Puzzled

Preventing Injuries & the need for Rehabilitation by Preserving Function in 60 minutes!

Course Information: The concepts behind all the theories discussed in our PreHab for Puppies course are based on and begin with scientific facts – growth plate closure times, the imbalance these create and the risks of injuries due to asymmetrical muscle and connective tissue development.


We begin by asking, how much stress can immature bodies endure without suffering long-term negative consequences?
Our approach to raising puppies up to 2yrs of age provides exercise and activity suggestions which are safe and appropriate for the age and stage of growth your puppy is at in order to avoid the risk of early onset micro-injuries that set in motion many of the degenerative conditions commonly blamed on poor genetics and aging.
We discuss Angulation, Structural Extremes and identify the five important (physical) attributes for puppies.
This introductory presentation will provide you with some of the most significant Injury factors – including growth (which creates its own form of stress); the risks of inappropriate exercise and a sample guideline to providing safe activities.
Our section on Nutritional considerations is just the basics of feeding to support health and activity yet will give you enough information that you will be able to make informed choices about a diet for your puppy.
Finally we give some examples of the exercise recommendations we make during the PreHab for Puppies course which will support strong, healthy muscle development and avoid the pitfalls of too much too soon! Like Doggie Yoga!

Instructor: Racine Hyatt

Course Length:

OnDemand: One 60 minute sessions.


Course Fee: $45.00

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