RALLY BASICS: AKC Rally Obedience Training

Purpose: Introduce yourself and your dog to the thoroughly enjoyable sport of AKC Rally obedience and Rally training. It is all about developing a strong bond and building teamwork between the handler and dog.

Course Information: This course is designed for any dog and handler who have successfully learned basic obedience skills and are interested in mastering those skills in the sport of AKC Rally obedience that offers variety in learning and an interesting, upbeat, positive competition environment.

Prerequisites: None

Recommended textbook: The Rally Course Book, a Guide to AKC Rally Courses, Revised 2010, Published thru Alpine Publications, Inc.   www.alpinepub.com

What you can expect to learn from this course:

  • This course focuses on teaching you, the handler, how to correctly perform the AKC Rally signs/exercises following AKC competition rules and regulations.
  • How to teach your dog to work with you as a team in training, and to carry over to a competition AKC Rally course.
  • How to train with positive reinforcement.
  • How to wean off the treats/toys for competition in Rally Obedience.
  • How your dog reads your body language (what you’ve actually taught your dog to cue on)
  • How to enter a AKC Rally trial.
  • Do you know the basic AKC Rally rules and regulations?
  • Troubleshooting your Rally training techniques.



Instructor: Janice Dearth

Course Length: 6 one-hour sessions

Course Cost - 

For Credit OnDemand: $180.00
(6 months access to OnDemand course: Homework accessing your knowledge and skills will be required; One on one feedback from Mrs. Janice Dearth)


Audit OnDemand: $90.00 (3 months access to OnDemand course. No homework required or feedback from Instructor)

Audit OnDemand: $45.00 (30 days access to OnDemand course. No homework required or feedback from Instructor)



Student Information:

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