Fitness and Nutrition Diploma

Canine Fitness and Nutrition Online Certification

At e-Training for Dogs we are extremely pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive educational program to assist dog enthusiasts to develop the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional fitness and nutrition care for their canine partners.

Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of dogs as well as enthusiasm and interest in providing the best possible care for your canine partner.

Purpose: This Diploma is designed for breeders, dog professionals or individuals interested in enhancing their knowledge of the health and care dogs. Emphasis will be on nutrition, physical conditioning, emergency care, and holistic care.

General Diploma Information: Individuals who are passionate about improving their care of  their own dogs or desire to be able to offer useful nutrition and fitness advise to their clients would greatly benefit from this unique program. You will explore key areas such as: anatomy and physiology, disease states, physical development, fitness, injury prevention and care, the impact of nutrition and how to provide optimal nutrition throughout the lifespan of your dog, complementary therapies, how to provide emergency care.

Accreditation: Since there are no formal Accrediting agencies in the United States or Canada for Canine Fitness and Nutrition specialists, we have done our best to make sure that our courses are approved by the top organizations both Nationally and Internationally. As such, all of our courses are approved by the IAABC, NADOI and the CCPDT for Continuing Education Credits and Educational Events. Some schools claim they are approved by their State, but this is only as a business offering educational products, NOT true accreditation.  ONLY a University has the ability to offer true accreditation.

Please note: This is not an “email” or “mail order” Certificate. Though it is available 100% over the internet, this is a very “hands on” program when required. Skills learned must be demonstrated by video submissions to your instructors. (NOTE: Not all courses require videos). Other courses will require you to develop business and marketing plans, your own dog training classes, and more. This is an intensive program and you will need to demonstrate your learning. The power of the internet allows sending videos as homework and final exams easy and effective. We are the first and only school that adheres to these strict measures and our students are respected as a result. We also do more than train you how to use a clicker. We provide the theory behind the skills to our students.

What students can expect to learn from this program:

  • To understand the links between physical fitness and dog health.
  • To learn specific exercises and stretches for dogs
  • To understand the links between nutrition and dog health.
  • To be able to provide emergency first aid and CPR.
  • To understand canine physiology and anatomy.
  • A basic understanding of alternative treatments for dogs.
  • Understand how proper nutrition and appropriate exercise can impact a sport dog’s growth.
  • Gain a strong understanding of nutrition.

Possible career opportunities on completion of this diploma program:

Self employment as a dog fitness and nutrition consultant or as an employee within a dog training facility, animal rehabilitation facility, humane society, rescue or other supportive canine care and educational facility.

Program Length:

Students can complete the program in as little as 9 months with full time study. Most students work on the program on a part time basis and complete the program within 18 months.

Program Curriculum:

Students must successfully complete the five (5) required courses and one (1) elective to obtain their Diploma in Canine Fitness and Nutrition.

Required Courses: Student must take the following 5 courses.

Canine Anatomy and Physiology

All-Fit Dog-How to Improve Fitness for Over-all Wellness

Introduction to Canine Nutrition

Advanced Canine Nutrition

Pet First Aid and CPR

Electives: Students must complete 1 of the following electives.

Fitness in Motion – Stretching and Exercises for Dogs

Athletic Performance Fitness Strategies: How to Condition an Athletic Performance Dog

Hands on Healing-Practical Applications of Healing Herbs, Essences and More

Herbal Remedies and Aromatherapy

All-Fit Puppy-How to Support Each Stage of a Puppy’s Development

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Acknowledgement of Course and Diploma Completion:

Letters of completion and where offered, Certificates, will be sent for each course as it is earned. The Canine Fitness and Nutrition Diploma will be sent once all of the Diploma criteria have been successfully fulfilled. Certificates and Diplomas will have your name, the course or diploma earned and a list on the reverse side of your accomplishments.

Resources and Equipment Needed:

A computer with internet connection.

A digital video camera (an inexpensive camera is fine).

Some classes will require the purchase of a course text.

Instructors: Our Instructors are carefully chosen experts and excellent teachers in their area of expertise. We spend months developing one course so you and your dog can reach your goals.

Program Fee –

Three ways to buy:

1. Full Price – single payment – $2000.00




2. Payment Plan – 18 monthly payments of $120.00 each (total cost will be $2160.00)
Please read the Payment Plan policy.

3. Pay as you go – purchase one class at a time (price ranges from $1900 to $2300 depending upon which courses you choose to complete the diploma).Simply click on the individual course pages above to access fee and registration details.


Once you are registered you will be contacted by email to create your program and begin your courses.

Student Information:

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You must also read and agree to the E-Training for Dogs, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions prior to taking a course: Click HERE to read these. You will be asked when you register if you have read them and will not be allowed to take the course if you do not agree to the terms.