Understanding Canine Behavior

Purpose: Students will learn to observe and interpret canine behavior. Their new understanding will help them prevent potentially dangerous dog to dog, or dog to human interactions.
Course Information: Dogs have deliberate, subtle, and often humorous ways of expressing themselves. The ability to recognize, interpret and understand this canine “language” will be the major emphasis of this course. The course is suitable for everyone interested in dogs – pet owners, trainers, veterinarians, ethologists and behaviorists. Using photography and videos, this course will illustrate and explain canine behavior and communication.

Prerequisites: None

Required Textbook: CANINE BEHAVIOR – A PHOTO ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK, by Barbara Handelman, M.Ed., CDBC.

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What you can expect to learn from this course:

  • Be able to define “behavior” as a concept
  • Become skilled observers of canine behavior
  • Recognize different categories of aggressive dog behavior
  • Develop awareness of how anatomy is relevant in understanding and interpreting behavior
  • Recognize and understand:
  • Displacement Behaviors
  • Distance Increasing Behaviors
  • Distance decreasing Behaviors
  • Dominance: definition and relevance in behavior
  • Epimeletic and et-epmiletic behaviors
  • Metasignals
  • Differentiate different types of canine play
  • Understand predation in domestic canines
  • Understand the difference between socializing and socialization
  • Understand social hierarchies in wild and domestic canines
  • Recognize the signs of mild, moderate and severe stress in dogs

CEU Status:

This course approved for 18 CEU’s from the IAABC.

This course approved for 8 CBCC-KA, 7 CPDT-KA CEU’s from the CCPDT.

Instructor: Barbara Handelman, M.Ed., CDBC

Course Length: Ten 90 minute sessions.

Course Fee – $355

Payment plan is available – 4 payments of $95.00 each.
Please read the Payment Plan policy.

 From Lisa Russell after taking her CBCC-KA exam – “…anyone wanting to either learn about the dynamics of canine behavior, interaction and social structure should take the Understanding Canine Behavior course. This course will not only provide you with detailed knowledge to be successful with working dogs but will also help prepare those desiring to take the CCPDT exams. You may think you know everything there is about dog behavior but this course leaves no doubt in your mind, all the while enhancing your knowledge and sharpening your observation skills through photo and video presentations, which worked for me. I would recommend this course to advanced trainers and a must for beginners in the field of training dogs.  ”

Student Information:

Access to this course will expire in 6 months. Therefore, you have 6 months to complete this course from the date of registration.

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