Purpose: Learn to microchip your own pets. This microchip implant course will teach you how to implant microchips into pets for microchip identification.

Note: Please check with the college of vet surgeons in your particular area whether suitably trained lay people can chip pets as some areas allow and some don’t. Note also that you will need to purchase an implant gun and microchips from a supplier to undertake microchipping.

Course Information: This course is suitable for Rescues who wish to raise additional funds, dog and cat breeders, groomers, kennel and catteries, dog walkers, pet sitters, pet shops. A microchip is a one-time purchase that lasts for the life of the pet and offers countless benefits along the way. Low start up costs: all you need is a scanner, microchips, implant gun, surgical spirit and registration documents, pack all into a bag and off you go. Many implant agents visit schools and rescue centers, breeders in their homes, dog & cat shows, dog training classes, etc. to “chip” on site, saving people a fortune and making themselves a nice profit doing something they love and also helps keep pets safe. Microchipping has become big business and now with the pet passport scheme, and an increase in pedigree dogs being stolen, it is the number 1 permanent means of identification.

The certificate is granted by IACC – International Animal Care College in Northern Ireland.

What can a student expect to learn from this course:

  • What is a microchip, and how do they work?
  • Scanning dogs and cats and implant procedures.
  • Registering the microchip & insurance.
  • Marketing and promotion of microchipping services.

Instructor: Nichola Moore

Course Length: 1 one hour session

Course Fee –

For Credit OnDemand: $85.00

Audit OnDemand: $60.00


The AUDIT course is for those who will only be micro-chipping their own dogs.

The FOR CREDIT course is for those who will be micro-chipping dogs outside of their own dogs.

Microchip Implant Course

Student Information:

Access to this course will expire in 1 month. Therefore, you have 1 month to complete this course from the date of registration.

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