Course Information: This high quality on-line course, Building Better Bodies Through Nutrition, is a canine nutrition course that is current in its content, enlightening in data presented,enjoyable, and applicable for every dog you own, treat, or work with. This course will introduce you to whole food nutrition; meaning utilizing real foods and the nutrients within to glean value and energy in what is eaten. It will build upon this by defining vitamins and minerals, looking at where these can be derived in nature as well as basic nutrient requirements forLazloTestimonial dogs. Formulations, dietary options, processing, and nutrigenomics will also be presented. You will have the opportunity to learn how to read labels and then try your new skills either on-line or at a store. Selecting whole food supplements is introduced and the course closes with tools to determine a dog’s nutritional status using fur analysis and a body systems questionnaire. Complete both the Introductory course and the Advanced course and you will receive a Certificate in Canine Nutrition.

Testimonials: “As you know I found the course fascinating. Ava was a wonderful instructor, her lectures were clear, focused and organized. What I enjoyed most is that she didn’t “dumb down” the information; meaning she didn’t simplify scientific veterinary concepts but rather stressed the need to learn and understand terms and concepts of veterinary medicine you didn’t necessarily know and she spoke as she does in appropriate veterinary terminology. It adds a great deal of credibility to the course. I found her feedback to be well written, understandable and honest. Personally the lecture on Canine Cancer was my favorite and I am pleased that was added. Finally, I wanted to commend you for your technical assistance along the way. You were always very prompt with your responses and worked diligently to ensure whatever improvements could be make were.” (Michelle Sykes-Tail Waggin the Dog)

I just wanted to let you both know how much I enjoyed all three courses taught by Dr Ava Frick.  You can tell how passionate she is about these subjects and I am so thrilled she shared so much in the courses.  I found she gave me excellent tools to use and incorporate in my own practice!  She was a pleasure to work with and I enjoyed her comments on my responses.  It was so very encouraging to find another person who understood my passions and thoughts.  I felt a true connection with this instructor and if any other courses are offered by her I would definitely sign up in a heartbeat.  Her professionalism and course content exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much! Dorcas Giesbrecht

Prerequisites: None. Some understanding of biology, science, and nutrition would be helpful.

What can I expect to learn in this course:

  • To give you a working knowledge of whole food nutrition that you can understand and apply.
  • To help you understand how to determine what is the right type of canine food or diet to purchase or recommend.
  • To guide you in knowing how to select a quality whole food nutritional supplement for dogs throughout life and life stages.

NOTE: There is a TIME LIMIT for completion of this course. Students must be finished the course in its entirety within Six (6) Months from the date of registration. Please refer to our FAQ page for more information on course time limits.

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CEU Status:

Instructor: Ava Frick, DVM, CAC, FAIS

Disclaimer:  This course focuses on whole food factors, learning how to read labels, creating better diets, and integrating supplements. There are a variety of great dog food and supplement companies.  This course does not promote any dog food company or any specific type of feeding a dog. However, Dr. Frick does recommend in both her practice and in this course, the Standard Process line of supplements because of their uniquely formulated tissue extracts. Whether you chose to utilize the products of Standard Process is your choice.  She strongly believes that she would not be doing you or your dogs a service if she does not take this opportunity to enlighten you about this aspect of our and their bodies.

Course Length: 9 ninety minute sessions.

For Credit OnDemand: $365

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Make three payments of $130.00 each.
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Payment Plan BOTH Nutrition Intro and Advanced
Please read the Payment Plan policy.
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Student Information:

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