CPDT-KA Exam Study Course

CCPDTLogoThe CPDT-KA Exam Study Course will help prepare you to successfully complete the Certified Professional Dog Trainer Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) Exam

The CPDT-KA exam study course is also excellent for trainers looking for a broad foundation in training theory.

Course Date: The CPDT-KA Exam Study Course has 6 lessons, and will include two live web chats with the instructor prior to each certification exam period.

Instructor:  Shelly Volsche, CPDT-KA, DipCFN

What you can expect to learn from this Course:

  • Thorough understanding of training equipment: proper uses, pros, and cons
  • Professional practices and ethics as prescribed by the CCPDT
  • General canine health and husbandry: basic nutrition, grooming, parasites, and symptoms which may limit a dog’s participation in training
  • Canine ethology: domestication, development, and body language
  • Learning theory and application: classical and operant conditioning, cues, shaping, management, Premack and Thorndike’s principles, and how these are applied to training plans
  • Instructional skills: inter and intrapersonal communication and classroom management.

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Student Testimonials from 2013 –Fall Test Cohort

The average reported score was 227/250 for 91%.
(NOTE: This average was not on a curve. It was a true average and was mediated by a couple of fairly low scores from people who, not surprisingly, did not participate in the Facebook group. There is real added value in running that study group. So use it!)

Text and required supplies: There are no textbooks required for the CPDT-KA Exam Study Course, but it is strongly recommended that each student review the CCPDT’s recommended reading list for the exam.CPDT-Testimonial


  • There will be a practice quiz at the end of each lesson. 
  • There is also a 50 question Practice Exam

Final Exam: The CPDT-KA Exam Study Course final exam will be a written exam consisting of 100 questions to be completed within 90 minutes. The final exam will be multiple choice and true/false. There will be an additional 50 question practice exam available, and questions are written to best mimic the CPDT-KA exam.

Live Web Chats: There will be two live web chats scheduled before the start of each exam period. This is your opportunity to bring questions for discussion and review. If you find there is a concept you are having difficulty with or simply would like more clarification, chances are another student has the same question. Of course, students are always welcome to contact the instructor via email at any time.

Registrants will receive:

  • Individual lessons on each section of the exam study guide
  • Expanded lessons on learning theory and ethology
  • Access to live web chats for real time group study
  • Information on the certification process
  • Study hints and hints for taking a computer based test
  • Email access to a CPDT-KA instructor throughout the course

CPDTtest2Begin studying now. You do not want to wait until the last minute to prepare. Those of us at e-Training for Dogs, Inc. want to help every candidate do their absolute best on the exam. 

The CPDT-KA Exam Study Course is taught by e-Training instructor,  Shelly Volsche, CPDT-KA, DipCFN. Shelly is a CPDT-KA, holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and has a diploma in Canine Fitness and Nutrition.  Her graduate work includes research on human-canine interactions and the history of dog domestication. Because of this, she is able to deliver the most up to date information affecting CPDT-KA candidates.

Course length: 6 lessons

Course Cost – $175


Student Information:

“NOTE: The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers has posted revisions to application for CPDT-KA certification, effective January 1, 2014. Please go to www.CCPDT.org and read before enrolling for this course. We also recommend reading the current Candidate Handbook, which can be found here: http://www.ccpdt.org/index.php?option=com_phocadownload&view=category&id=24&Itemid=139 .”Access to this course will expire in 3 months. Therefore, you have 3 months to complete this course from the date of registration.

Please note that this course is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).  To prevent any conflicts of interest in both the presentation of this material and the CCDPT, certification by the CCPDT is independent from this study preparation.

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You must also read and agree to the E-Training for Dogs, Inc. Standard Terms and Conditions prior to taking a course: Click HERE to read these. You will be asked when you register if you have read them and will not be allowed to take the course if you do not agree to the terms.